Collection of English lessons

It’s due time I made something like this in my Digital Garden. As many of my loyal readers know, the majority of my notes are written in English, but they remain hidden from prying eyes and continue to be my place for thinking. Everything that you can find here, in different sections of this website, is a polished product of my thought process, so enjoy it.

There is one thing that I’ve been playing with for the past several months: ChatGPT. I’ve found that it’s a real help for both teachers and students.

In this section of the Digital Garden, I am going to share with you the lessons I’ve crafted, tested, and delivered. So, if you too are an English teacher, you can use them in your work. Everything from the general plan to didactic materials is here. Just take it, use it, and if you feel like it, share the results of your work with me.

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