Why do I write in English

Get used to this kind of writing in the unprocessed notes.

  • Why are most of the notes in English? I can only assume that this is the most common question arising from readers.
  • The true reasons for this lie on several planes.
    • First, I am an English teacher, and I need to constantly brush up on my language.
      • Achieving this in school is almost impossible. Or, to put it differently, I have to use common words with students and avoid complex and ambiguous vocabulary.
    • Second, most books that find their way onto my digital shelf are in English.
      • It’s inconvenient to translate them into my native language. We will discuss the topic of native language later.
      • In short, I am lazy, and thinking in one language is already challenging enough.
    • Lastly, regardless of opinions, the English language is simply more beautiful and more straightforward for conveying thoughts, concepts, and ideas.

I am bilingual. I was born in Baku, so naturally, I speak Azerbaijani and partially Turkish. Everyone in my family spoke and still speaks Russian. Additionally, I attended an English boarding school back in the day. I honestly can’t determine which language feels more native to me. So, expect to see notes in both English and Russian.