Building the system | Features of the system

  • In the recent talk with [[Дмитрий Эдерман]] we’ve discussed the problem of system, and he shared some ideas about it. ^5065ff
    • They were actually mind-blowing. I had never given any thought to this approach before.
    • So if we look at the system as a groundwork on which pillars are standing. [[Mindful Self-Discipline Living with Purpose and Achieving Your Goals in a World of Distractions#Pillars of a life]]
    • The system that we need to build is a complicated tangle of 4 subsystems. As I see them: Physical space, digital space, health, thinking.
      • The tangle will turn itself into a complex interconnected working system only after some effort has been applied to entanglement.
    • So to change in any way your habits, you have to somehow improve one or several features of the system.
    • In the end it may come to disruption of existing system. [[#All innovation require disruption]].
    • To build something, you have to demolish something.
    • Difficult to plant and cultivated, the occupied soil.
    • There is another issue we need to tackle. If the system is built upon something that is dependent on the outside features, the only certain outcome is a failure.
    • If we continue this line of thought, then we eventually come to the question, what are intrinsic elements of the system.
    • Or what are intrinsic features of physical and digital space, health, and thinking.
    • The last one is definitely intrinsic, and how to change the existing thinking pattern is known to me. We even talk about collaborating with [[Максим Дорофеев]] about joint course on logical thinking tools.
    • What about first three?
      • Physical space. How to make it one way or another, internal feature?
      • What is it, physical space?
        • A place where I sit.
          • Space. Like a room, you are sitting in now.
          • Table.
          • Chair.
        • Tools I am using.
          • Laptop.
          • Keyboard.
          • Monitor.
          • Mouse.
          • Stack of cards to occupy my hands.
      • What happen if one or several of elements are missing. Like when I am not home? Does it crumble or continues functioning?
      • What happened when I travelled to Baku? Obviously, it didn’t help being away from my tools, but nonetheless, I continued to work and teach. With more distractions, but still work has been done, at least some.
      • Actually, I begin to think that physical is the most important of the four.
      • You can’t think in a noisy space, not at least you have a superpower of extreme concentration. Which, let’s be honest, not many have.
      • Change to a physical place comes at cost. What am I ready to sacrifice to become better?
      • Improvements of the space must follow the rules of [[Идеальный объект]]. Functions of the object must be executed without an object.
        • For this to work, we have to collide to contradictions of the system in the manner we have been doing in [[a tool for conflict resolution Evaporating cloud]].
        • A classic win-win situation. [[a tool for conflict resolution Evaporating cloud#Conflict resolution is not a win-lose situation]]




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