Книгобесы | Onboarding

ВАЖНО ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ. Это просто рабочие заметки со встречи, им еще предстоит трансформироваться в какую-то методику. Я думаю на английском, поэтому и текст на английском. Конечная методика будет на русском.

  • First introduction part, during which we’ve got to know each other.
    • Write your interests on peaces of paper. A group, works on one paper. No more than three people.
    • Pass the list of your interest to the next group. Your page should make a full circle.
      • During this trip, children mark shared interests.
    • In one sentence describe the group, use noun, verb and adjectives it is an absolute must.
    • Next stage: expectations. List all expectation you have for this club.
      • I don’t remember the details, but out of 7 members we’ve squeezed 13 points.
  • Second part is all about what we’ll do, how we’ll communicate and share out thoughts.
    • Bookfit.
    • Bot.
    • Buddy.
    • Miro.
    • Workshops.
    • Meetings.
  • Books and skills.
    • What we will learn and practice during our meetings.
  • Part with naming, the funniest one.
    • You know the results. 🙂
    • Three stage, we make a list of all names that come to mind.
    • Then we do it again for the same amount of time.
    • Then the third time, but for one minute less.
    • Second stage of naming – choosing best name from the list of the group sitting next to you.
    • We arrange all the names on the board and begin voting, augmented reality, miro on the white wall and stickers.

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