Explanation, theory, hypothesis

The best way to explain how hypothesis works is to compare these three parts of any hypothesis.

  • Explanation.
    • The most general description of the event.
    • It might be considered just an attempt to explain.
      • Formally.
      • Or informally.
    • Example: The planets orbit the sun because of gravity.
  • Theory.
    • Theory is formulated out of basic explanation and usually larger with bigger level of abstraction.
    • Theory touches underlying nature of particular phenomenon.
    • Example: All matter is attracted towards other matter by gravitational force, in proportion to the quantity of matter involved.
  • Hypotheses. ^7e56d2
    • Is testable and precise formulation of a theory.
    • Any hypothesis is designed to allow an investigation of the presented fact in the controlled environment and as rigorously as possible.
    • The purpose is to explain natural phenomenon in widely accepted way, that community will support.
      • Good theory helps make prediction and understand current results for future inquiries.
    • Example: It will be possible to explain unexpected perturbations in the orbit of one of the planets in the solar system using Newton’s theory of gravitation.

Idea originally is from Critical Thinking | Tom Chatfield look for this marker ^7e56d2

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