Комформистское распространение информации

Это эволюционный механизм выживания.

Our brains are simultaneously designed to seek out information and destroy that information after we acquire it. Specifically, our minds evolved to make sense of the world not in ways that are true, but in ways that help us survive. But once all that information enters our minds, we ignore critical information and believe self-serving falsehoods. Often, the more we distort information, the more rational we think we are.

  • Information flow nowadays is not a luxury, but means for survival. ^50bfea
    • We tend to ignore the critical part of it, and call to a shallow memory, completely ignoring the depth that it has. [[Critical thinking could not be taught#^73c55d]]
    • We build for ourselves castles that stand on thin legs of false beliefs.
    • Beliefs that help us not to stand out and blend inside a community.
    • The more we distort information or the more we bend to the will of public opinion, the more rational we think we are, which is opposite to what really happens.





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