Rhetoric by Aristotle

  • Rhetoric is the most important of the tree. The situation, where we have to persuade ourselves, are rare. When we need to persuade somebody else, rhetoric could be of enormous help.
    • It can help align the ideas of the listener with what we are talking about at the moment.
    • It is of practical value, aimed at the specific result:
      • a course of action to be adopted.
      • Judgment to be made.
      • Attitude to be taken towards another person or group.
  • Aristotle pointed out three main tactics to do that:
    • ethos.
      • With this we present ourselves. It means character in Greek.
    • Pathos.
      • With this, we have to arouse passion in listeners. Add emotions to the speech, get them running in your listeners.
        • Human desires that you can count on are: look at another list, which contemporary scholars have produced [[Терминальные ценности старшеклассников]]
          • liberty.
          • Justice.
          • Peace.
          • Pleasure.
          • Wordly goods.
          • Honor.
          • Good repute, position, and preference.
    • Logic.
      • Use good reasoning behind your ideas. Good arguments easily reinforce emotional cocktail and the power of the speaker’s personality.
    • Kairos.
      • ![[Critical thinking#^950837]]

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