Ten Days in a Mad-House | Nellie Bly

Ten Days in a Mad-House | Nellie Bly

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  • Simple and easy book about changing the system.

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  • Nellie risked her life and well-being and voluntarily locked herself in the Bellue, where she carefully documented all misdeeds of the staff. [[Harry Potter and the methods of rationality#^b59c51]]
    • Later she published her work in the series of the articles in the local paper.
    • Investigation had sparked the public interest to the establishment where people were regularly tortured, abused.
    • Some misconduction has stopped, some continued.
  • I, think that she did it not because she genuinely wanted to help poor people, but mostly to help herself and other women of that time.
    • She wished to improve the status of the women in the USA, and this she achieved.
    • In Russia, we don’t understand this problem because we don’t have it.
      • We search for collaboration and reciprocal beneficial relationship between men and women. We don’t understand parasitic lifestyle, though it is promoted with different means such as liberalistic worldview.

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