I have No Mouth & I must Scream | Harlan Ellison

I have No Mouth & I must Scream | Harlan Ellison

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How I Discovered It

  • Not so long ago, I have been sucked in by the game Returnal.
    • Simple and beautiful rogue like game on PS5 system.
    • I like plain games, without sophisticated mechanics. And this is precisely the game from the clip.
    • One thing continued to intrigue me for some time. Though I pieced together all bits, I couldn’t get the whole picture.
      • For this, I called for the help of global mind, which immediately provided the answer^1, that blew my mind off.
      • At the same time, I’ve got myself some bread crumbles to follow, which turned into one of the most dreadful stories I’ve ever read.

Who Should Read It?

☘️ How the Book Changed Me

How my life / behaviour / thoughts / ideas have changed as a result of reading the book.

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📒 Ideas

  • Now I get the idea where The Terminator inspiration came from.
    • Below are some citations from the book, that I need to ponder a little bit.
    • [[How to read literature like a pro]] will help with this task. But not now, too complicated, need time for the story to marinade.

Nimdok was no more certain. He knew there was the chance, but he was getting thin. It couldn’t be any worse there, than here. Colder, but that didn’t matter much. Hot, cold, hail, lava, boils or locusts—it never mattered: the machine masturbated and we had to take it or die.

I knew. God, how I knew. The bastards, and that dirty bitch Ellen. Benny had been a brilliant theorist, a college professor, now he was little more than a semi–human, semi–simian. He had been handsome, the machine had ruined that. He had been lucid, the machine had driven him mad. He had been gay, and the machine had given him an organ fit for a horse. AM had done a job on Benny. Gorrister had been a worrier. He was a connie, a conscientious objector, he was a peace marcher; he was a planner, a doer, a looker–ahead. AM had turned him into a shoulder–shrugger, had made him a little dead in his concern. AM had robbed him. Nimdok went off in the darkness by himself for long times. I don’t know what it was he did out there, AM never let us know. But whatever it was, Nimdok always came back white, drained of blood, shaken, shaking. AM had hit him hard in a special way, even if we didn’t know quite how. And Ellen. That douche bag! AM had left her alone, had made her more of a slut than she had ever «been. All her talk of sweetness and light, all her memories of true love, all the lies she wanted us to believe: that she had been a virgin only twice, removed before AM grabbed her and brought her down here with us. It was all filth, that lady my lady Ellen. She loved it, four men all to herself. No, AM had given her pleasure, even if she said it wasn’t nice to do.

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