My Note-Taking System

First, I want to clarify that my system is not Zettelkasten. I employ some principles from it, but my notes are not structured, referenced, and IDed in the manner described by Niklas Luhmann. (Lead Para)

Why have I mentioned Zettelkasten? It’s because it has been immensely hyped over the past five years. I started reassembling my notes after reading [[How to Take Smart Notes]] by [[Sonke Ahrens]]. Over time, my system has absorbed some best practices from genuine Zettelkasten and also evolved according to my needs and my understanding of knowledge management. (BODY)

[!NOTE] Comment I’ve been toying with the idea of a reading workshop. The more I play with the concept, the more I realize that we must start with decomposition [[#^dc5919]], then move to superficial reading.

Ideas I Am Currently Mulling Over (Black matter)

  • What if, instead of making one big note with all ideas from the book, we break them into chunks of ideas?
    • It bothers me because the backlinks for such a note are messy.
    • It’s difficult to navigate, to understand what leads where, and maybe to find a pattern. Or… I just need to try it and see if I can find what I need. Like opening any note from Dettmer and seeing what is linked to it.
  • DONE! So far, a couple of examples among others are below:
    • [[To imagine something is almost like understanding it|Some notes from Povarnin’s How to Read Books]]
    • [[Why invite Socrates into the classroom?|Warnsworth’s Socratic Method]]
  • What have I actually achieved by this approach?
  • I’ve also improved the tail section of my note template by adding the ontological section with child, source, friend, next.
    • Though I don’t use «friend» much, I can change it into something like counter-argumentation, or an opposing view.

Misc Ideas

  • Smart notes can’t substitute the necessity of being smart.
    • That’s the reason why I rewrite notes all the time by hand.
    • To work with the ideas on a deeper level.

BIO (Tail)

[!NOTE]- theBrain mapping
Next:: [[Elements of note-taking system]]




1. [[How to Take Smart Notes]]
2. [[Умение заметковедения]]

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