Mapping: A Blend of Reality Reduction and Analogical Space Construction

  • Mapping signifies knowledge. Since the early days, humanity has strived to chart its paths, from the initial settlers to the era of space exploration.
    • We gain significant insights from the simple act of mapping uncharted territories.
    • To map is to know. In modern times, it could be described as not just knowing, but also learning.
    • Creating a map involves externalizing our understanding of a reality through a certain level of reduction, which might lead to a better or altered understanding of that reality.
    • This process reflects high-order thinking, as discussed in the concept of high order thinking (note).
      • It allows the seeker to discern structures that would otherwise remain obscured.
    • During mapping, two critical processes occur:
      • 1. The use of appropriate graphic organization to convey meaning.
      • 2. The reader’s responsibility to detect the structure and recognize patterns in order to comprehend the meaning.

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