The Minimum Journal Entry: A Tenfold Improvement Over Any To-Do List

  • A common problem for those new to journaling is this:
    • They don’t know where to start or what to write.
  • The issue often arises, I believe, from the need to open an app, decide where to write, and then face the question of what to write.
    • I’d like to suggest something simple. I set up an Obsidian fleeting notes catcher on my iPhone’s custom command panel.
    • This could also be used for journaling, and it might even serve better for such a task.
  • Only then does the question of what to write come into play.
    • The following three steps are more than sufficient:
      • Note the time. In the script I mentioned for the command panel, this is done automatically.
      • Write a few sentences about what you’ve just done or worked on, especially if it’s not finished yet. Use complete sentences rather than one- or two-word phrases!
        • What lesson did I just deliver?
        • How did the children receive it?
        • Was it a success or failure, and why?
        • What will I improve next time?
      • Write down a few sentences about what you plan to do next.
        • The most important idea to note is what the first thing you’re going to do is.
        • How should I approach this first action? Is there only one way, or are there several? If there are many, remind yourself of the most obvious ones.
      • In general, we can structure our journaling around the 5W+1H framework:
        • Who, What, When, Where, Why, + How.






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