Didactic materials. Scottish slang. Examples of communicative situations

1. At a Scottish Pub

Jack: Fancy a bevy, Fiona?
Fiona: Aye, but not too much. I don’t want to be steaming tonight.
Jack: C’mon, last time I saw you off your trolley, you claimed you didn’t remember a thing!
Fiona: That’s ’cause I dinnae ken half of what happened!

2. At a Scottish Market

Elaine: Hey, Angus! Are you here getting the messages?
Angus: Aye, I am. Got a list from mum. Need some tatties for dinner.
Elaine: Oh, and grab some backy for your da. Saw him at the pub looking for some.
Angus: Will do. By the way, you look a bit peely wally. Everything alright?

3. At a Scottish School

Rob: Did you hear about Ian’s story from the weekend?
Lila: No, but knowing Ian, I bet it’s a load of bum’s out the windy.
Rob: Naw, he was proper steaming and ended up dancing on the tables!
Lila: God yourself, Ian! Never thought he had it in him.

4. Scottish New Year’s Party (Hogmanay)

Colin: Are you excited for Hogmanay, Morag?
Morag: Absolutely! Got some fizzy juice for the wee ones and whisky for the adults.
Colin: Just make sure no one gets too off their trolley. Remember last year?
Morag: Aye, that was rank. Let’s not have a repeat.

5. At a Scottish Park

Stewart: That’s a bonnie dog you’ve got there, Alana.
Alana: Thanks, Stewart! By the way, did you hear the band playing earlier?
Stewart: Oh, the one with the bagpipes? They were pure Barry!
Alana: Right? I thought so too. Let’s catch them again next weekend!

These situations aim to integrate the Scottish slang naturally, so students can understand their usage in context.

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