Didactic materials. Scottish Slang transcript

Hodge your weest means shut up. Which is probably what I should do right now as I’m killing my career one moment at a time.

♪♪ I’m Gerard Butler, and this is Scottish slang.

Backy means tobacco, either chewing or smoking.

Trolley is a shopping cart. Also, to be off your trolley means you’re out of your head, you’re very drunk. He was off his fucking trolley.

I dinnae ken (said twice for emphasis) is more used on the east coast of Edinburgh. It means I don’t know.

Bevy means a drink. Like, «Let’s go for a bevy.»

Airbage is a fart.

Ball bag, or «aye, a wee ball bag,» refers to a scrotum and is used colloquially to mean you are a scrotum.

Steaming is one of our 100,000 words for being drunk.

Wee bit means a little amount. Like, «were you drunk, or were you steaming? Fuck a wee bit.»

God yourself! is a sign of encouragement. It’s not something you often get in Scotland.

Oh, your bum’s out the windy means you’re talking nonsense.

Bonnie is maybe my favorite Scottish word. You know, like «Bonnie Scotland» or «a bonnie wee lass,» it means lovely, beautiful, sweet.

I’m getting the messages means I’m going shopping. So «I’m going to the shop, and I’m getting the messages,» because normally when people go shopping, somebody writes it down for them. So they literally have it in message form. Like, «all right, potatoes, all right, carrots, all right, turpentine, okay?»

Tatties means potatoes. Like in «mince and tatties,» which is our national dish, sadly. It’s basically just minced beef and potatoes.

Peely Wally is something that’s been used to describe me very often. It means pale. Like after a night out, you might say, «oh, you’re looking very Peely Wally.»

Fizzy juice is really just soda.

Jobby means shit. It’s perhaps the sweetest name that you could ever have for a shit: jobby. I found that funny, but it’s maybe because I’m from there.

Scran means food. Simple.

Hogmanay is New Year’s Eve. In Scotland, it’s a big, big traditional thing with bringing whiskey, a piece of coal, and an ax if you don’t like your neighbor. But if you do, just stick to the whiskey and coal.

Pure Barry means that’s brilliant, it’s wonderful. In Scotland, pretty much everybody is sarcastic all the time. So there’s a pretty good chance if you hear «pure Barry,» they’re actually telling you that you’re a dick. Like my friend, a few years ago, who said to me, «Gerry, through all this success, I love that you haven’t changed. You’re still a dick.»

Rank means disgusting. Like, «oh, Jesus, that was rank.» There’s pretty much a theme of things in Scotland that are gross, ugly, drunk, and stupid. But I think that pretty much just summed it up. It’s actually reminded me a lot about the shit I used to speak. It was rank.

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