The Collection of Inner Books

Writing and Thinking Over the Inner Book

  • What if we had not one but several inner books, each dedicated to a different topic?
    • In my case, it could be: the science of reading, logical thinking tools, pedagogy in the broad sense of the word.
    • We already know that a [[#^4c392b|collective library]] is important for understanding a book.
      • It works in the same way; a word takes its meaning in relation to other words used in the sentence.
    • We never deal with separate bits of knowledge, but with a set of books common to a particular situation and culture.
      • An individual book lacks that level of depth and consistency.
  • The collection of inner books is at the core of the virtual library, the realm where I hold conversations about books and discuss knowledge from the books.
    • The place where different inner libraries from different people collide; the moment the discussion over books starts is the moment inner libraries of different people meet one another within the virtual library.

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