Writing and Thinking Over the Inner Book

With Every Book Read, We Add a New Chapter to the Inner Book

  • Any sane person understands that to know what you know, you have to stop and think.
    • The same is crucial for understanding the inner book. We have to stop at every sentence we think in our heads, examine its origins and the value it holds for us.
    • In order to successfully transfer meaning, the value and the origin must be connected with the life and background of the people to whom we wish to pass our inner view.
  • Only such artificial halting and stopping the flow of time allow us to reproduce the text and the meaning we hold in the inner book. Otherwise, understanding is caught in the endless rat race of life that keeps the inner book a tangle of jumbled words and sentences, which at first glance do not have any connection to one another.
    • All conversations that we have with others are based on fragments reworked by private fantasies that significantly differ from the author’s intention.

The Collection of Inner Books

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