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List 1 (for the first intermediate group):

  1. Break a leg – Good luck (often said to performers before they go on stage).
  2. Bite the bullet – To bravely face a difficult or unpleasant situation.
  3. Let the cat out of the bag – Reveal a secret.
  4. Jump on the bandwagon – Adopt a popular activity or trend.
  5. Once in a blue moon – Very rarely.
  6. Hit the nail on the head – Describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.
  7. Spill the beans – Reveal someone’s secret.
  8. An arm and a leg – Very expensive.
  9. A piece of cake – Something that’s easy to do.
  10. Hit the books – Study hard.

List 2 (for the second intermediate group):

  1. Burn the midnight oil – Work late into the night.
  2. Don’t cry over spilled milk – Don’t waste time worrying about things that have already happened and can’t be changed.
  3. Kick the bucket – Die (informal and humorous).
  4. Bite off more than you can chew – Take on a task that is too big.
  5. The ball is in your court – It’s up to you to make the next decision or step.
  6. Pull someone’s leg – Tease someone, or joke with them.
  7. The best of both worlds – Benefit from different situations at the same time.
  8. Throw in the towel – Give up.
  9. Hit the road – Begin a journey; leave.
  10. On cloud nine – Extremely happy.

List 3 (for the third intermediate group):

  1. The elephant in the room – An obvious problem that no one wants to discuss.
  2. Throw someone under the bus – Betray or sacrifice someone for personal gain.
  3. Barking up the wrong tree – Looking in the wrong place or accusing the wrong person.
  4. Feeling under the weather – Feeling ill or sick.
  5. Kill two birds with one stone – Solve two problems with one action.
  6. Break the ice – Start a conversation in a tense or awkward situation.
  7. Bend over backwards – Do everything you can to help or please someone.
  8. Bite your tongue – Avoid speaking, especially to stop oneself from saying something inappropriate or potentially hurtful.
  9. Cry wolf – Raise a false alarm; warn of a problem when there isn’t one.
  10. Jump the gun – Act before the proper or appropriate time.





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