The digitization of the technology has changed reading forever

  • Throughout digitization of everything has moved reading from the entertainment summit.
    • The times when we used reading as the only source of joy have irrevocably passed.
    • In the 21st century, reading isn’t even included in the constellation of media.
      • The modality of the text: static, written is now supplemented by an increasing complex supermodality: dynamic, interactive representation of information.
      • Maxim Dorofeev, once told me that modern books are things from another time. He is write, but I still wish to publish several of them. Though they lack dynamism and interactive elements, that are possible and easy to achieve, using any blog engine, such as WordPress, they still possess the previous monumentality.
    • Literacy in not only an ability to derive meaning from the written text, and produce the text, it’s also the skill required to navigate the complicated net of sources.
      • We can begin our search or reading, if you prefer, on the lifehacker blog, them move to habr and after that find ourselves watching a YouTube clip about “Hero’s Journey”, or listening Armen Pertosyan’s podcast.
      • Old-fashioned, print-based text is inadequate, to say the least.
    • The changes in ways information is delivered prompted redefinition of the concept of reading, broadening core ideas lying behind texts, interacting with information and literacy.
      • We’ve covered a little what is [[Language in 21st century transformed significantly|the 21st century literacy already]], now we expand this core idea.
      • Not only the ability to understand the written text is important, but also navigate the way in has been delivered.
      • In short, the text turned from plain letters and sounds into a mean of multimodal intentional representation with purposes and boundaries understood within a given sociocultural domain1

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