One Hundred Years of Solitude | Gabriel García Márquez

One Hundred Years of Solitude | Gabriel García Márquez

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How I Discovered It

Who Should Read It?

☘️ How the Book Changed Me

How my life / behaviour / thoughts / ideas have changed as a result of reading the book.

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📒 Ideas

Goals for discussing the texts and chapters

  • Give names to chapters as we see fit, after discussion.
    • Naming according to what has happened with Macondo and characters.
    • Observe the technological advancement, from alchemical laboratory to introduction of correspondence.

Several interesting points to contemplate and discuss

  • Time
    • the Original book lacked chapter division.
    • I think it was done deliberately to accentuate the unstoppable flow of time.
    • Things in the novel never stop from happening, and even short exchanges between characters don’t break the weaved by Marquez magic.
  • Magic
    • The book is filled with magic and unexpected occurrences that are hard to explain.
    • Levitation of the priest and flying away of Remedios the Beauty.
    • The prevailing smell emanated from the corpse of Jose Arcadio. It was so strong that the habitats of Macondo built a sarcophagus around his corpse.
    • Smell of Remedios the Beauty that drove men to madness over her.
    • Various magical signs.
      • A trickle of blood that ran through town and right to the feet of Ursula, announcing the death of her son.
      • Crosse from ashes that couldn’t be washed away from the heads of 17 Aurelianoses.
      • Butterflies around Mauricio, yellow insects, must have some meaning.
    • The exaggeration of the book is so blown out of proportion that sometimes it’s hard to believe.
      • As the author said numerous times, when we point to a single pink elephant, no one pays attention. But as soon as you say that there are seventeen pink, flying elephants, then the story attracts attention.
      • Just some exaggeration of the novel.
        • The longevity of Ursula.
        • Four years of rain. It’s a deluge, BTW.
        • Loss of memory from insomnia.
        • etc.
    • Fate
      • The heaviest and most interesting topic. Obviously, solitude is the central theme of the novel, but not only this.
      • Limited control over one’s fate and the inevitability of what has been written by some Demiurge.
      • Solitude is the reflection of the egoism of the Buendinas.
        • They are all no more solitary individuals living together under a single roof of the house as strangers.
        • This is one of a hell of tragedy.
          • The King, the father of the family.
          • Colonel.
          • Fernanda.
      • To them, the world of wonders and magic, slowly but with certainty, turns into the world of suffering.
      • Dreams and expectations stay unfulfilled.
      • Life has become an endless circle of suffering.
      • The peace of mind, Buendinas attain only at the deathbed, after reliving their life in memory.
    • The town of Macondo with the progress of the novel changes from the Garden of Eden into the Hell pit.

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