Changing Status Quo


Deming considered psychology one of the four pillars of knowledge.

  • The other four:
    • appreciation of the system,
    • knowledge of variation,
    • theory of knowledge. Claude Shannon
    • psychology.
  • Elements of system improvement
    • Effective methods.
    • The potential to apply them.
    • The self-discipline to act using the methods.
      • Last to elements depend on:
        • How well we know the system. State of the knowledge.
        • Authority (resources included) to act.
        • Motivation to improve.
        • Willingness to accept accountability for actions.

As soon as we look at people, Maslow’s pyramid emerges, according to Dettmer the majority of people in most organizations are functioning on level 3 and 4. Belongingness, social, love and Esteem.
And what if Maslow’s pyramid is not about management? [[О пирамиде Маслоу]]
We don’t know true motivation behind actions. What if is aimed at security and growth. Looking at Dettmer’s interpretation, I see that the majority are operating on the highest level of security and lowest of growth.

The highest level or pyramid is achieved when you start operating in a domain not accessible to everyone. Do things others don’t or can’t.


You lead people; you manage things. See the difference.

Leadership, at its highest, consists of getting people to do what you want them to do when they are under no obligation to do so.

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