Книгобесы | Путь Джедая | Встреча 17.11.22

  • I used classical approach from any number of courses.
    • We’ve made a list of tasks that we have to do.
    • It is a challenge in itself, because children do not know what they need to do.
    • Then we moved in circle and looked at task of other people around the table and marked every task that we didn’t understand.
    • After a full circle there wasn’t any tasks unmarked.
    • No one understood of the tasks of other.
    • That means they don’t know what they have to do, only a vague feeling
  • Then we tried an searched for triggers that might remind us to do something.
    • It turns out that we needed to look carefully because all their triggers revolved around books and copybooks.
    • Though they were related to studies all triggers stayed in on basket.
    • What we did, is that we detailed the trigger study and divided it into several entities.
  • All in all it has been a nice lesson.

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