Книгобесы | Как делать полезные заметки | Встреча 27.10.22

Книгобесы | 27.11.22
  • So far we’ve only read chapters, Everything you need to know and something about principles.
  • On the first stage we’ve discussed what we write and why.
    • Interesting fact is that notes from lessons were mentioned by me, and not by them and in the end. Though I’ve been nudging and hinting.
    • What it tells me? Only that they do not consider note taking in the classroom important enough.
    • Then we’ve discussed the idea to what we are getting ready at school and university to. [[Первые двадцать лет это подготовка к следующим шестидесяти]]
    • And who is successful student. According to them it is a guy who operates outside borders of given and known.
    • Which is at the core correct, but I missed the beat and didn’t notice that in could have bern turned into an activity.
      • Like build an image of a successful student and then reverse him into a failure by subtracting or substituting traits.
      • From here we could have worked about habits and routines one has and another hasn’t.
    • Then we moved to the physical space and arranging it according to the needs of successful student who is good at taking notes and generating idea, revising notes and learning effectively.
      • Generated tools that we use the most and how can we improve the flow to suit better for note-taking and studying. Here I’ve explained them the idea of ideal object. [[Идеальный объект]]
  • We’ve talked about tourstification and flaneurism.

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