Why schools and modern education kill creativity?

  • Education takes us to the future we don’t know anything about. ^e73109
    • Unpredictability of education is exceptional.

Creativity is as important nowadays as literacy.

  • Kids will take a chance.
    • If they don’t know, they’ll have a go.
    • If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come with anything original. [Similar ideas from Taleb].
    • We stigmatize mistakes, we grow out of creativity.
      • Or according to Ken Robinson, we are educated out of it.
  • Every education system in the world has a similar hierarchy.
    • At the top, math and languages.
    • Then humanities.
    • Then, at the bottom, are the arts.
      • Another hierarchy inside the arts.

We progress in our education focus, we move bottom up, and concentrate on their heads.

  • The only purpose of education is to produce professors.
    • They live in their heads.
  • Education system predicated on academic ability. ^010bf6
    • The goal had been faster industrialization.
    • Two goals in mind.
      • The most useful things at the top.
      • Academic abilities. Protracted idea of university entrance.
    • Process of academic inflation.
  • Intelligence
    • Diversity.
      • Think visually, in sound and kinesthetically.
      • Think in abstract mode, we think in movement.
    • Dynamism.
      • Interaction. Brain isn’t different compartments. It’s united. And creativity is something unusual, that has a value. It comes from travelling across domains and disciplines.
    • Distinction.
      • How we discover our talent?





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